Why PSD2?

In recent years, there have been a number of changes in payment market. Aside from technological innovations, there has been a remarkable growth in online, mobile payments and new payment methods.

For this reason, in 2015, European Union (EU) adopted Second Payment Services Directive (hereinafter PSD2). The main objectives of the PSD2 are to integrate and optimise European payments market, to foster innovation and competitiveness, and to improve the security of electronic payments. As a result of these changes, banks must modify and modernise their processes and IT systems for international payments.

On the other hand, these activities give a great opportunity for technology companies to enter the profitable payments industry.

In 2016, PSD 2 came into force, and by the beginning of 2019, EU member states had to incorporate it into their legislation. In the Republic of Croatia, PSD2 is regulated by the Payment System Act.


What does PSD2 mean for you?


PSD2 brings a better overview of personal finances and safer, more innovative, better, faster and more affordable digital services through the introduction of two key innovations that will improve your customer experience - account information services (AIS) and payment initiation services (PIS).

If you have accounts in more banks than one, it is not necessary to use application of each bank separately. Instead, you will be able to use the application solution of the selected external provider (TPP – Third Party Provider) which will provide you, through open bank interface (Open API), access to all your bank account information and enable you to initiate payment from any account you have, in a simpler and more transparent way with high safety standards.

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Reporting and additional information


Connection process description, with regards to test and production environments access, can be found here.

Information in connection to PSD2 dedicated interface Service Level Targets and bug reporting can be found here.

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Find out more about PSD2 and national API standard on the CBA website.